Helicopter Golf Ball Drop

  • $10 - 1 ball - Par Player

  • $20 - 2 balls - Birdie Shooter

  • $50 - 5 balls - Screaming Eagle

  • $100 - 10 balls - Hole-in-One Pro 

    (Each Blues player is expected to sell 10 or more golf balls) / Player wil receive a Free Char Burger voucher from The Habit when they sell ten or more golf balls. 

  • Custom amount (multiples of $10)


What is a Helicopter Golf Ball Drop?



Every $10 donation we get is assigned to a numbered golf ball, and a helicopter will drop all of the numbered balls at a target hole. The ball that falls into the hole first (or is closest to the hole) will win a prize of up to $2000!



Each player is being asked to sell 10 golf balls. Each golf ball costs $10. Once your daughter sells the minimum quantity of golf balls required (10 balls per player), your family would receive a $5 dollar credit towards any current dues owed or future dues (2018-19 season) for every additional golf ball sold over 10. We will officialy close the Golf Ball Drop at 2pm on Friday, April 13. 


Player Prize 1 : When you sell ten golf balls you will receive a Free Char Burger Ticket from The Habit.


Player Prize 2 :  Also, any player that sells 25 or more golf balls will receive a one-of-a-kind Blues Bash sweatshirt.  

(* Selling 25 golf balls is the only way to earn a Blues Bash sweatshirt. Combining other sponsorship or golf monies does not count.)


Player Prize 3:  Each individual sales leader in the age group brackets below will receive a Blues Puma Parka Jacket!! 

Age Group 1:    Baby Blues 2013-2011       

Age Group 2:    2010 - 2007       

Age Group 3:    2006-2003      

Age Group 4:    2002-1999


*Depending on size availability from Puma, our younger winning groups may be provided with an alternative Puma Jacket. 

*A Players age group is determined by what team they play on not their birth year.


Team Prize : The team that sells the most golf balls will receive: $250 towards their team budget. 

(* Sponsorship or golf monies does not count towards team prize or individual winners.)


Manager Prize : Each manager will receive a *Blues Bash Parka* as well IF each player on their respective teams sells their expected 10 golf balls per player.  


Sell 25 Golf Balls to earn this one-of-a-kind Blues Bash Sweatshirt! 





Golf Ball Drop entries:4397
Golfers registered:63
Dinners registered:35

Thanks to our sponsors